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User Journal

Scott Lockwood's Journal: A question for all mah friendz0rs 7

Journal by Scott Lockwood

(08:08:40 PM) DJVladn8r: Ok, so, these are several of the acts from P-Con, but not necessarily the stuff they played. I have all of it, but we all just heard it at Penguicon, so this is kind of "Vlad's favorite stuff by the artists who were at Penguicon."
(08:09:08 PM) DJVladn8r: Plus some Schaffer. :-D
(08:10:11 PM) WildCard9: that works, Vlad
(08:10:22 PM) WildCard9: you dont need to recreate the concerts
(08:10:39 PM) DJVladn8r: So, I have this cool idea for the Camarilla Vampire game.
(08:10:44 PM) DJVladn8r: I'm going to make a "Player"
(08:10:58 PM) DJVladn8r: Player's aren't big stars, they just like to pretend they are one.
(08:11:09 PM) WildCard9: so a wannabe
(08:11:24 PM) DJVladn8r: A blood line of the Mekhet, they are involved in showbiz in so much as a Vampire can be.
(08:11:28 PM) DJVladn8r: Exactly, WildCard9
(08:11:46 PM) DJVladn8r: So, mine is going to be a wannabe Nerd Core rapper.
(08:11:52 PM) WildCard9: heh!!
(08:12:03 PM) DJVladn8r: This will give me a way to actually 'play test' the stuff I'm writing.
(08:12:08 PM) WildCard9: that definately goes against the gothic image of vampires.
(08:12:11 PM) DJVladn8r: In front of a real crowd.
(08:12:13 PM) BB`12 is now known as BB`13
(08:12:22 PM) DJVladn8r: Oh, it could TOTALLY be Goth, too.
(08:12:34 PM) DJVladn8r: Those most vampires in the Requiem game very much aren't goth at all.
(08:12:40 PM) DJVladn8r: That's mostly a Daeva thing...
(08:12:47 PM) DJVladn8r: Ask VoK, she plays one of those. :-)
(08:12:50 PM) WildCard9: ah, got it
(08:13:06 PM) haikupoet [~haikupoet@pool-151-203-219-183.bos.east.verizon.net] entered the room.
(08:13:18 PM) DJVladn8r: So - I'm looking for ideas. If you were a Vampire, and you were a nerd core wannabe, what would you write about?

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A question for all mah friendz0rs

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  • If you were a Vampire, and you were a nerd core wannabe, what would you write about?

    I'd write about finding victims through match.com, chemistry.com or even adult friend finder. Of course, being nerdy would mean being really socially awkward and not being able to handle the meeting, dressing in plaid and making the rhyme *almost* work.

  • by grub (11606)

    DJVladn8r: So - I'm looking for ideas. If you were a Vampire, and you were a nerd core wannabe, what would you write about?

    I'd write about my wasted life, guilt at being the family shame, thoughts about my impending suicide. Pin the note to my chest and become An Hero.
    • Now Thumper, what did your father tell you?

      Also, he's already dead - he's a vampire. Derp derp derp. If you're going to just be an ass, at least read for comprehension first. Otherwise, you just look stupid.

  • If you are a nerd core wannabe vampire, you would have to think what job you would take. Have to be in a dark room, or sorta dark way away from the windows, or night shift. I am thinking night shift tech support. You meet new victims by using your vampire voice seduction skills on the phone with unlucky and now doomed customers.

    • Interesting! Players have Majesty, which does allow them to make people like them. It doesn't work over the phone, though... Still, it's an idea. Maybe he can charm then naturally over the phone enough to get a meeting.

  • Working all the time in a dark room sucking the life from the world designing algorithms to poison the masses

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