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Which company to blame?

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  • T-Mobile is probably only going to support it using their interface.

    Ford is going to be hit or miss depending on the mechanic in question. More than likely a source of "Huh? You want to do what?"

    Motorola is going to tell you to call anyone but Motorola and charge you for the privilege.

    Microsoft will just charge you.

    Google will tell you to check the appropriate groups but that they are not responsible for individualized vendor installations.

    So're screwed.

    That said I'd call T-Mobile first
  • You're a geek, so you figure it out/hack it yourself.
    • I don't mind doing that with the computers that I built myself but I only have so much time in a day and when I spend $20,000 on a new car and $400 on a new phone I have a higher expectation of things "just working".

      • You still have to hand in your geek cred. A real good geek would've done some basic research before getting hobbled like this.
        • It mostly works. The problems I am having are minor compatability bugs that make using the two products together more difficult than they would otherwise be.

          As far as I can tell no amount of basic research would have shown me that even though I've paired the phone and car together I must manually grant Sync access to the phonebook each and every time I turn on the car, for example.

          I suppose the problem is probably in Android or in Motorola's software and I might be able to fix it by rolling my own Android b

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