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SharpFang's Journal: On Long Password Security

Journal by SharpFang

So, we entered our den and settled down. I got down to soldering the bug, while Mike sat in front of the computer and pressed the Power button.
"Gonna transfer the cash to high-percentage account, so by the time we return it, we'll have a neat bonus for us." he said, as BIOS messages scrolled by.
"Just don't freeze it somewhere. Don't be too greedy."
"No sweat. I know my job." he said and began typing his truecrypt password.
Monotonous clicking of keys reminded me I'm hungry. "Mike, let's order a pizza."
"Fine." he continued typing, as third line of asterisks appeared on the screen.
"What flavor?"
"Same as always, Ham and Pineapple."
"Got it." I dialed the pizza place and placed my order, watching Mike press enter after finishing fifth line of asterisks. Wrong password.
"Damn it, I made a typo!"
"Look, Mike. Why do you think a password this long will stop anyone from accessing your data? If they want your data, they will put a gun against your head and demand you enter the password!"
"HA! That's why it's so long and complicated! You see, recreating it is a complex mnemetic exercise. Something so insignificant as asking about a pizza made me lose my focus and make a mistake. There is NO CHANCE IN HELL that I could ever type this password correctly with a gun against my head!"

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On Long Password Security

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