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drachenstern's Journal: Ok what the hell is up with the classic frontpage and my slashboxes? 2

Journal by drachenstern

I try to reset them, they don't come back, I leave it alone for a few days, random things come and go...

Anyone else having index issues besides me? I'm not overly in love with the firehose (although I do pick it over on occasion) but to have my index start jerking about after being rock solid steady for years ~ that's not going to make me love the firehose guys!

So, I'm looking for feedback from my fan/freak/foe/whatever base, are you guys having any issues? Should I goto hemos or cmdrtaco directly for routing on this one? Did I miss something somewhere saying they had a horked index?

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Ok what the hell is up with the classic frontpage and my slashboxes?

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