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Kris_B_04's Journal: Long time.. LOL 1

Journal by Kris_B_04

Well, I still reign as conversion queen. I still get assigned all the conversions.. and guess what?
I still love it!! ;)

That's my update.. *grin*

Oh well, other than the pay freeze for the second year and the on-the-side stuff I've needed to do to make ends meet since the cost of food and everything else has gone up while my pay has remained the same (technically gone down because insurance costs have gone up too.. *sigh* And no more 401k match!! At least I have a job though!! And for that I thank the gods! )

Anyway, some fun stuff: two days ago, the mayor of Topeka Kansas proclaimed that for the Month of March, we will be Google Kansas.
I am trying to get as many people to mail me a post card to me in Google Kansas as I can!! :)

Wonder who else has thought of the idea. but either way, this is much fun!! ;)

I'll update after I get a few.
IF I get a few.. *grin*

Up to the post office now!!

Sent a submission to Slashdot, see if it gets approved..
I'm sure not. I've never been approved for any of my submissions.
Prally why I haven't been here in over a year...

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Long time.. LOL

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  • Even with all the UW budget cuts I still get a 10 percent salary match for my 403(b) account.

    Even if we have no TAs to do scut work.

    What gets me is all the people who post online saying all state employees should have no salary increases, but most of the jobs at the UW are from federal or private grants, and they MANDATE salary increases. And my department - and my division - bring in TWICE what we spend ... and still teach.

Q: How many IBM CPU's does it take to execute a job? A: Four; three to hold it down, and one to rip its head off.