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Lodragandraoidh's Journal: iPad

Journal by Lodragandraoidh

The title says it all. The buzz is reaching a crescendo and doesn't feel like it's dropping off anytime soon.

1. No Phone
2. Limited Multitasking
3. No Camera
4. Unanswered Questions (Will it be able to sync .txt, .pdf etc files or .mp3, .wav etc files from my laptop?)

1. iBooks
2. App Store - large number of existing apps out the gate
3. Multitouch on large screen
4. Sync - Write, Numbers etc.
5. iPod/iTunes functionality
6. Calendar
7. Email + Photos
8. Bluetooth
9. WiFi n/g/a/b
10. Price
11. Long Battery Life
12. 64 Gig solid state drive

1. 3G
2. Closed/Filtered Development (but $99 doesn't seem like a lot of scratch to have access to the App Store).

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