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User Journal

pudge_confirmer's Journal: I confirm that "Life is Worth Living Again"

Journal by pudge_confirmer

For a while, I confirm, I had lost faith in the constants of the Universe. I had thought some things that I had long relied upon had changed. No, not subatomic physics. Not even Newtonian physics, in the limit of relative velocities being zero. Not even evolution as a predictive theory.

Yet change is not necessarily a bad thing. Change can be good, but it can also be upsetting. unsettling. uncomfortable. different. unpredictable.

Some people say change is inevitable. Some people say change happens. Some people even rely upon change, welcome change, greet change with a smile of expectation.

But some fear change. And some can not change.

It is good to see that some things can be relied upon. The outcome of certain experiments can be predicted. That balls still fall. That knees still jerk. That nuts still have cases.

Some things never change.

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I confirm that "Life is Worth Living Again"

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