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Journal spun's Journal: Mom passed away Christmas morning 9

Pancreatic cancer. You just don't recover from that one. This last year has been pretty hard. I'm the only child of a single mom, so this has all been on me and my wife. And of course, being my mom, she had to go die oversees. In a little tiny village outside of Peterborough in England. Well, she actually passed away in a Sue Ryder hospice in Peterborough, Thorpe Hall. The building is older than my country. She was staying with her old friend Marianna and her husband in Nassington. So there we were, my wife and I, in a foreign country experiencing the snowstorm of the decade, staying with virtual strangers in a tiny village with all of 20 or so buildings, for Christmas. I'll just say this, my mom died like she lived: weirdly.

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Mom passed away Christmas morning

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  • to you and yours in this time of loss.



  • It's a hard thing when someone you care about dies too young.

  • I have sympathy. I wish I'd known. Had it helped, I was about 50 mi away - in Culworth.

    I wish you all love and care, in your most difficult time.

    • by spun (1352)

      How's the weather? A little snowy, I hear, hur hur hur.

      My mom had always said, "I'm not dying in this fricken' country!" She was getting ready to retire to Italy, but alas, she never got the chance. Still, she got what she wanted. At the very end, we put her into the Sue Ryder hospice at Thorpe Hall in Peterborough, which she loved. Heck, the building is older than my country!

      Interesting story, her friend Marianna's husband Richard is the chief engineer of the London Array [], which finally after ten years of

  • I have a very soft spot mothers. They do so much for us, sacrifice so much and always have time to smile.

    Be strong.

  • I just saw this now.
  • My wife and I are both only children who've already lost all our parents; it's not much fun. Good luck to the both of you. It gets better.

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