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ppanon's Journal: Mmm Bacon....

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All right, you're a bachelor (or DINKs) and you love bacon. but you know it's bad for you and you don't want to have too much too often. The stuff comes in these packs of 20 or more slices soaked in water and if you don't freeze the bacon and just keep it in the fridge, then it starts to go bad long before you've worked through the pack. However if you freeze the pack when you buy it, then it might as well be welded together. You can't get the slices apart when you need them unless you thaw the whole pack, which defeats the point of freezing it in the first place. What to do?

Here's the solution I came up with years ago. You take a plate and cover it in plastic food wrap, then you lay down a layer of bacon strips side by side. Cover that with a sheet of plastic wrap and lay down another layer of bacon strips crosswise from the first. Repeat until you've used up the bacon. Now take that plate and stick it in the freezer for a couple of hours.

The result is a plate of frozen bacon strips that separate from each other easily. Take them apart and put them in a freezer bag. You now have bacon in your freezer that will last for months and you can take out a few strips at a time as you need them.

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Mmm Bacon....

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