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chimpo13's Journal: DMCA vs Me 2: Electric Boogalo

Journal by chimpo13

I basically sent pair Networks another WTF message and they responded again with telling me to piss up a rope:

Dear Dave,

I apologize for your confusion and I also appreciate your conviction.
However, pair Networks is a web hosting provider, not a law firm. Our job
is not to interpret the DMCA or the law in general, but to follow it.
Lawyers are very expensive, and the bottom line is that our Service Contract
states that we can terminate all or any part of an account for any reason
without notice. In this case, we are giving you fair warning that to keep
your site online, the best thing for you to do is remove the contested
material. While we appreciate your business, We also have to look out for
our best interest. While I understand that it
causes a moral dilemma for you, the bottom line is that, if we receive a
restraining order, we are not going to fight it; we are going to follow our
lawyer's advice and disable the site as a whole. If you want to proactively
avoid this situation, then you may want to look into moving your site to
another provider. We are not trying to push you away with this statement;
you always have the option of simply removing the content in question.


Gary H.
pair Networks, Inc.

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DMCA vs Me 2: Electric Boogalo

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