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nacturation's Journal: Getting messages to show at the top of the page 2

Journal by nacturation

Messages used to show at the top of the page above the first article, in a format like: "You have 2 new messages and 1 old message". Now they show up in a box on the right which, even though I know it's there, just doesn't work for me. As a consequence, I'm constantly missing out on replies and others' journal entries. I noticed you can drag the box around, but only in that column. Anybody know how to get the message notification to show up like it used to?

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Getting messages to show at the top of the page

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  • That being said, I've found that once you're logged in, will take you to your messages page. So i just look to see if i have any messages and then just type that in. I also use for my users page in lieu of the new user page sucakge that they're using. Same thing with metamoderation with
    • Too bad. Looks like I'll have to update the Slashdot toolbar bookmark to point to in that case. :(

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