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User Journal

Zarf's Journal: This is not a Troll 2

Journal by Zarf

The fact that this post I made is marked troll has opened my eyes to something. It genuinely wasn't a troll. I remember doing work with Perl and Python in XML and it really didn't work that well. I remember working with django, rails, and several Perl frameworks... and being wholly unimpressed.

The fact of the matter is. If I want to get taken seriously I need to learn Python and Django and I need to learn to like it.

It really wasn't a troll. I just didn't think Python, Ruby, or associated technologies were all that great. Obviously, this is a problem with me. No. Really. I can't see it yet. I need to spend some more time learning so I can get over my misconceptions. I've obviously missed something.

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This is not a Troll

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  • The main discussion areas are mostly just kids screwing around. They get bored on Myspacebook or whatever after a while, I guess, so they come here to continue it. I've seen a couple of other obvious inapplicable downmods like this recently. My theory is that all the goatse and other first post trolls have already been done so this is about the only way left to shock people around here.

    • by Zarf (5735)

      Well, if this were the only time I would not take it more seriously.

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