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User Journal

Lodragandraoidh's Journal: GOOOOOOAL!!!

Journal by Lodragandraoidh

Back on dry land with a new gold tooth, and a healthy appreciation for the vagaries of wood...

Considering my troll, several funnys, and a handful of insightfuls later, and still no moderation points...I kick around the idea of becoming invisible electronically:

No more credit cards - chop them all up. No more ATM transactions; and cancel my direct deposit - cash and carry from this day forward. Select various facial artifices, prosthetic noses, cheekbones, change the color of my eyes and dye my hair in a rotating basis. Clothing to mask my gait. A cabin in the back woods away from prying video cameras. Inside of the cabin, a metal lined room with isolated power - a digital oasis with no contact with the outside world - just me and my perl scripts, happily beeping away...until that day when they finally come to see me - having missed my monthly diatribe mailed from the local trading post - to find my bloated corpse perched in my last resting place, green fuzz encrusted Funyons and empty bottles of Bicycle Ale encircling me like a wreath, a faded 'EFF' poster created with ASCII art leaning forlornly to one side upon the dingy wall above the monitor, holding steady at the soft white glow of a boot prompt.

Are we staring down the maw of the digital dark age? Are we entering an electronic 'Spanish Inquisition'? Does the all seeing eye rein supreme? More importantly, where is Hagbard, and what is he doing about it?

What the world *really* needs is a good Automatic Bicycle Sharpener.