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User Journal

BrodeCo's Journal: Diane, 6:47 Ante Meridian

Journal by BrodeCo
In bed, awake too early. Nervous about my little job interview with PCC today. Life is rather silly at times. Fell asleep last night after we got home, and we didn't even get the chance to watch pirated Twin Peaks episodes which were mysteriously downloaded by the gnomes of zurich last night, as they utilized Kazaa. I was so excited to watch the stuff all last night, but sleepy feelings get the best of us all.

Ready for some cumbersome links?
These are videos I shot with Brandon Faloona on a recent Monday (Martin Luther King's Birthday, Observed, Chief)
Raising an Activist
MLK March Observers 2003
Yuppies in Cars at the MLK March, Downtown Seattle
Marching With Candor

Yeah, that's my current time-vacuum, the Seattle Independent Media Center. Work off them community service hours, boy!

One ponders the complexities of Theft and Criminal Tresspass on one's non-record. While I have no intention of stealing or criminally tresspassing on the IMC space, it must enter the minds of the Indymedia old-timer volunteers, That Brodie Guy is Trouble. I hope to prove myself again and again, because why not?

That's some terriffic writing, there, Chief. I'm reading Fight Club, about 60% finished with the book-- damn, it's a cliche fulfiller (in the sense that I'm enjoying it more than the film). Book only costs $10, people. The DVD is way more expensive and your friend already has it anyhow.

Sitting in this position for too long has sucked the inspiration out of my spine. I'll get back to you after the job interview, assuming there's a "you" to get back to.

Some wars.
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Diane, 6:47 Ante Meridian

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