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bhima's Journal: Revenge of the Wingnuts 3

Journal by bhima

Well this morning I an interesting experience Slashdot. Some right wing extremist took offense to some comment I made... which odd because I have not made any politically charged comments recently. Anyway he made me his "foe" and then down modded a handfull of my comments from weeks ago. I don't get this much and right now I have a lot of mod points... so I was tempted to reciprocate. So I looked at some of his comments:

"Who needs gas for a car when you're getting your very own Skittles-shitting unicorn?"

"It kinda surprises me that any Dim would've ever been in favor of offshore drilling...they seem to have a phobia about it."

"The only "change" you're going to get from Obummer is what's left in your wallet when he's done raping it."

On Ermächtigungsgesetz: "I wouldn't be at all surprised if Dear Leader was given an opportunity by his pals in Congress to sign one into law."

Wow, That's some pretty crazy commentary. Just writing in this journal has convinced me to just ignore this twat. Digging around old comments and moderating them is not particularly useful to improve the single to noise ratio of the conversation.

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Revenge of the Wingnuts

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  • The neocons travel in packs and use a hive-mind. By the end of next week you'll probably have a half-dozen of them in your freaks list, I suspect.
  • Slashdot is a big site, you get your cross section of humanity here. No way around it. When people abuse the system and use the AC option to be jerks, or use their mod points unwisely, it shows to anyone intelligent, plus it only hurts whatever particular "cause" they are trying to promote. It also is a fact, a lot of people here just like scab picking and insulting as some sort of weird sport. I really don't get that, seems quite a waste of time, but thinking of it as a video game makes it easier to unders

  • Being designated as a foe by such a lunatic is a badge of honor. Doesn't surprise me that such losers are also leading abusers of the /. moderation system.

    It could be fixed, but won't be. Much of the system was implemented by pudge, a rightwing nutcase and mostly failed programmer, and it's quite possible he's still involved.

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