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User Journal

BrodeCo's Journal: On Hacking Kazaa

Journal by BrodeCo

It's just barely hacking, but there's a great free program I blindly downloaded and installed after a particularily productive Google search (Sparky at my side, I felt like a true Ubergeek for one brief, shining moment [we use Kazaa to get old episodes of Twin Peaks])

Here's the URL, Chief:

There are just 4 simple buttons/options:

Skyrocket (the reason our participation level is at 1000 now) * Makes your level # "rise rapidly" after your current downloads are finished.

Freeze * Guess what this one does to your Participation Level. No, guess again. Give up? It freezes it in one place.

Reverse * I'm in crazy backwards land! My uploads are decreasing my P.L., and vice versa for my downloads and with the LADY! GLAVEN!

Act Normal * Oh shit! The Kazaa Homeland Security Troops have detected your pseudo-leet skillz, and they are coming to your IP address! ACT NORMAL!

Time to take stock. Go home with some office supplies.