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greymond's Journal: Vote for MORBIDGAMES :)

Journal by greymond

Idea Description

I started a small online PDF publishing company in 2006 with just 1 game that I wrote and did the artwork for myself. Over the last couple years I have continued to write for this world as well as have been able to pull in various other artists and writers to contribute to my world with no cost. The company now has had just over 1,000 downloads since the first release and I would like to expand this company to grow and become profitable.

What will you do if you win $10,000 for this idea?

I've never been able to put any money into this company of my own, although it has generated a small amount of sales, approximately $1,000 per year gross. Unfortunately my biggest draw back is that I have to find the time to do everything as a one-man show. I create/maintain the website, write, send and maintain the marketing emails and lists, I do the actual writing for the game, I seek out distributors to carry the game and I do my best to promote the game via various social networking sites, but this is too much for one person to continue to do. With enough funding I would be able to actually afford to hire someone or at least have a means to focus on this as a full time position.

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