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chazzf's Journal: Hrmmm 1

Journal by chazzf
Well, it seems I've said nothing for a month. No, this does not mean that I've been a cave (there's a fun thought). Life has been interesting enough, I just haven't been all that motivated...

Let me start by saying that there are times when I feel as though death is stalking me. In the past month one current and one former classmate have died, as has the husband of my barber, a man I'd known my whole life.

Coupled with these tragic events are two emotionall y unbalancing things: My current significant other has what amounts to a death wish, and the advanced age of my parents causes me incessant worry. It's hard enough to be cynical and world-hating without feeling the scythe grazing one's neck. Honestly, and this is the one place where I'm emotionally candid, I just don't know what to do. I've tried ignorance, but that's a dangerous path to take. I tell myself my parents have led good, full lives and that they've both got over twenty years left in them, and I try to convice my significant other that there's something to be said for a long life, but neither is helpful/working in the long run...

The hell with it. This is depressing, I'm going to bed.

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