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Journal Lord Satri's Journal: Marking twitter sockpuppets as foes 5 5

Thanks to SockDisclosure, 14 twitter sockpuppets accounts have been discovered. In my opinion. sockpuppets are a wrong way to use Slashdot. What can I do? Mostly nothing, but I marked all twitter accounts as foes and invite you to do so too. Goal: enhance the quality of the Slashdot discussions I/we happen to read.

Cheers -

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Marking twitter sockpuppets as foes

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  • If you look at the relationship between Pudge [slashdot.org] and RailGunner [slashdot.org] (previously under the name Naqamel [slashdot.org]) the same puppet - puppeteer behavior seems to be present.

    The only significant difference in the behavior sets is that Twitter and company actually write about technology here, while Pudge and company just write about politics in each others' journals.

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