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tarsi210's Journal: The Eternity of Floppies

Journal by tarsi210
From the: Why-in-the-hell-does-ancient,-crappy-technology-insist-on-persisting? Dept.

Honestly, has everyone had enough of floppies yet? Are they dead, folks? Please???

I sit here, using 'dd' to image the floppy disks that my corporation possesses, in hopes of burning all of the images onto a CD-R and calling it quits for storing these damn things. Now, mind you, I'm going to make myself a copy of these, because there is some prime software here that I can use on my vintage machines back home. But do we honestly need to keep the disks around for Netscape 1.1?

This is old tech, folks. A flimsy, spinning ferrite disk in a plastic cover. Woo. How sophisticated and reliable is that? And yet, even as I speak, my CEO thinks that the floppy is next to God for storage solutions. I swear, the largest trains are the hardest to stop...

Save the floppies for the older machines, please. And that's fine, lord knows I support older machines ( but at the same time, I'm ready for modern machines to get rid of them. Bootable CDROMs were a godsend.

Hang loose, sit tight,and don't let anyone tell you that you aren't as good as you know you are.
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The Eternity of Floppies

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