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Lions fire Millen!

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  • ...is that Bill Cowher is going to get the gig...
    • Early rumor is that Bill Cowher is going to get the gig...

      Really? I heard they were looking for someone off the street called Rail Gunner, but they were having a hard time finding him;-)
    • by FortKnox (169099) *
      Doubt it... they won't be able to throw enough money at it, and I don't think you want Cowher as a GM... he's a great coach, but not a great judge of talent (how many years did he stick with Kordell Stewart? What about the constant benching of Jerome Bettis?). It wasn't until the latest GM of Pittsburgh, Kevin Colbert, that the Steelers did the fab job of drafting and talent.

      Having said all that, Cowher did a hell of a job coaching the players he had (except the QB and WR positions).
  • I'm hoping something similar happens with my Rams. The last couple of seasons have just been painful. But Detroit hasn't even had a modicum of success to offset their dismal showings.
  • ... Dave Wannstedt is available. :-D

  • by Blackneto (516458)

    About Damn Time.

    Loved his prowess as a Raider.

    not so much as a leader.

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