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StalinsNotDead's Journal: Civilization IV Expansions 2

Journal by StalinsNotDead

I just got the Civ IV expansions and I am installing them now. Let me just say that the first new leader I'm playing as is going to be Stalin. A rather obvious choice given my user name. They appear to only have allied WWII leaders. I guess Hitler's just a wee bit too hot to include as a playable character. In the whole game now, they've got Churchill, De Gaulle, Stalin and Roosevelt as leaders.

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Civilization IV Expansions

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  • I'm currently reading Churchill's history of WWII so I'm curious how those characters play out. I hope you can find the time to follow up with your thoughts. You should also know, just between us, that Hitler is fully aiming to invade. Don't believe the treaty! All the Panzer Divisions in Yugoslavia aren't for the Greeks and Turks;-)

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