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Journal vague_ascetic's Journal: Jackson Browne sues RNC and McCain 5

Jackson Browne has sued the Republican National Committee, the Ohio Republican Party, and John McCain for unlawful use of his song and recording, "Running On Empty" in an Ohio ad criticizing Barrack Obama's energy policy.

Jackson Browne is a long-time supporter of the Democratic Party, as well as an activist for liberal causes, and is claiming trademark infringement under the The Lanham Act, because it infers a false association to the McCain campaign. He is also suing under California's Right of Publicity Law.

The McCain campaign claims they are being improperly targeted, because they were completely unaware that the Ohio Republican party was making the ad. The Washinton Post reports that Browne's attorney, Lawrence Y. Iser, said, "we have been informed and believe that McCain and his campaign were well aware of the ad".

Not a proper target, just because the McCain campaign was ignorant that the song would be used in an advertisement for it? It seems that Senator McCain is getting introduced to the DMCA, up close and personal.

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Jackson Browne sues RNC and McCain

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