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EnlightenmentFan's Journal: Two Towers, LOTR, and funny stuff 2

Journal by EnlightenmentFan
Just saw TTT for the second time. Wow.

Peter Jackson has messed some stuff up--Faramir is a jerk who kidnaps Frodo? The ents carefully decide not to go to war and then go anyway? I thought the dwarf-tossing bit and the Legolas-surfs-down-the-stairs* were jarring. Even so, I think Jackson has created a major work of cinema magic. It was magic for me anyway--of course, YMMV.

Here are three of my favorite, somewhat-related funny websites

  • Props to Josh Greenman, Nick Nadel and Jason Weiner and Modern Humorist for the ultimate LOTR DVD set to die for. I especially want to hear those extra commentary tracks from "foam technician Ray Massa" and "some European guy who once bought one of Viggo Mortensen's paintings."
  • Saruman's diary, cheerfully embroiders on the Tolkien saga to give you the bad wizard's POV on the Ent siege of Isengard. "I fear I drank too heavily, and spent a large part of the night (at least, the part I can remember) tracing the lines on the floor with my fingers. I've spent most of the day with a desperate hangover."
  • If you are still tempted to follow in Saruman's evil footsteps, check out Peter Anspach's list of 100 tips for the evil-overlord career. Not just for LOTR fans--this list contains much advice that may also be useful on the BOFH career path, for example # 7:
    When I've captured my adversary and he says, 'Look, before you kill me, will you at least tell me what this is all about?' I'll say, 'No.' and shoot him. No, on second thought I'll shoot him then say 'No.' "

Are there links I should have included but didn't?

* Funny, because I thought the special effects horse-mount Legolas did was cool.

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Two Towers, LOTR, and funny stuff

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