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giel's Journal: (Troll -1) 1

Journal by giel

Imagine a beowolf cluster...

In Soviet Russia...

Sometimes my messages are moderated Troll, but I never intend to post replies to troll around. So if you mod me Troll I would like to hear why or find you in my freak list. But I guess that's inherently not the nature of modding Troll...

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  • My experience has been that people will sometimes mod your comments as Troll or Flamebait for no readily discernable reason.

    They may find that your comment pushes their buttons. They may be in a bad mood when they read your comment. Or they may just be in the mood to cause mischief at the expense of other users. Because the moderation is done anonymously, it means that their action can't be traces back to them.

    This is why there is meta-moderation. I frequently see comments that have been modded as Flamebait when there has been no inflammatory text - I meta-mod them accordingly.

    As for the subject of Freaks, some people took umbrage to being added to my Foe list, others just took an instant disliking to me because of something I said. I don't worry about them, as their activities tend to get their comments modded down below my reading threshold anyway.

    My advice - don't sweat it.

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