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stuffduff's Journal: Google Ideas v 0.01

Journal by stuffduff
Lately I'm wanting a search tool geared toward the 'universal languages' such as mathematics and logic. I'd like to have a graphical interface that lets me construct mathematical formulas and logical expressions to use as search terms. This would require use of something like MathML or DLML with wild cards on the front end and the ability to compare like formulas and expressions on the back end. The goal would be to discover related materials in any and all fields of research. I believe that there are theoretical neighborhoods which share similar representations of ideas that are unidentified because the disciplines appear to be dissimilar. With all the sub specialization going on today in sciences there is a lot of fragmentation and topical myopia. What is missing IMHO is a science of generalism that can relate conceptual technology across disciplines. A tool like this could boost inter-disciplinary synergy and open new avenues of cross communication and possibly lead to new research in informatics.
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Google Ideas v 0.01

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