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User Journal

chazzf's Journal: Merry Christmas...

Journal by chazzf
So yes, today was Christmas. How can one say it? The entire day ROCKED. Opened stockings and presents in the morning, at the leisurely hour of 10...Got a burner, some shirts, some books, and a hell of a lot of food. The last will likely be the most appreciated when winter quarter rolls around.

Dinner was great. PZ cooked up smoked turkey, mashed potatoes, and an excellent cobbler. Damn he can cook! Spent the evening playing Myth II and Heroes 3. Very entertaining.

Did I mention that it's been snowing all day, and that we'll wake up to a foot or so tomorrow? That really made the day for me...

It occurs to me that I never mention my parents, what is there to say after twenty years? I love them dearly and enjoy their company--ah, I should mention that my father wrote up a 100-page memoir about Christmas during the war years, which I must begin reading. It looks like he went to great effort to create it.

Humm, I had thought about including a rant about why Christmas might as well be celebrated by everyone since it isn't really Chrisitan anymore, but I don't feel like it. Maybe tomorrow.

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