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User Journal

Syncdata's Journal: If you are listed as my foe, please read this 1

Journal by Syncdata
There is only one thing that will absolutely, 100% get you placed on my foes list(There are others, but I make exceptions to those rules, unlike this one). That offence is to post a link to Goatse.cx.
That was never funny.
It isn't funny now.
It will never be funny.
I'm simply glad that by default slashdot makes it blatently obvious where the link goes. Still, first-timers will still wander in blindly, and the less eyeballs seared by this foulness, the better.
Resign yourself to the fact that posting goatse.cx earns you nothing but enmity, and causes otherwise good men and women to pray for your damnation. Stop posting the damned link.
*Update*and yes, that goes for tubgirl as well. What depraved mind finds these things funny?
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If you are listed as my foe, please read this

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  • I also dislike that Japanese bathtub image (you know the one I'm talking about).

    Still, though, I avoid labeling others as Foes. They don't avoid adding me as a Foe, however, which is kind of annoying.

    Oh well, time for bed :-)

The devil finds work for idle circuits to do.