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Felipe Hoffa's Journal: Google Reader shares private data, ruins Christmas 7

Journal by Felipe Hoffa

Please update your bookmarks. I moved the whole post to blogger. Seems slashdot has performance problems with its journals.

At least I can see a little irony on using blogspot (another Google property) to post it, but...

Check the article at blogspot.

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Google Reader shares private data, ruins Christmas

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  • Ummmm.... Shared means Public. There's already a public RSS feed for shared items in Google Reader, so these items were already being shared.
    • by tashammer (905647)
      Shared most definitely does NOT mean public. Released to the public domain and shareware are not quite the same are they, hmmm? Shared incorporates a vector, that is going in a particular direction and for certain targets. Public means holus bolus, in every direction without a specific target.
    • by bynary (827120)
      No...I share my house with my wife and children. My house is most definitely not a public venue where any and everyone off the street can come and go as they please. I share my thoughts and feelings with my closest friends; if those thoughts and feelings become public then the trust in a friendship has been compromised and the friendship has been damaged significantly.

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