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CmdrTaco's Journal: Anniversary Parties, Important Notes 6

Journal by CmdrTaco
The A2 party already has like 70 signed up. We're going to have to rethink venue or time I think if we really have that many people. Wait a few more days and see what we can work out. Keep reading in the party forum for info. We have 500 shirts to print and hand out... it'll be fun to see where they go.

more info as I get it. There will be notes on future stories as days get closer.

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Anniversary Parties, Important Notes

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  • We have 500 shirts to print and hand out

    That got me thinking that I wouldn't mind getting myself a /. tee or something, so I headed over to ThinkGeek, and all you've got is 2 items? I'll admit the T-shirt is kinda cute, but I'm a little surprised that's all there is. Just not interested or haven't had the time?
    • by CmdrTaco (1) Works for Slashdot
      We haven't had new designs in a few years, we're definitely due for new ones. We should do another t-shirt contest.
      • by Doctor O (549663)
        Yes, you really need new shirts. The ones at ThinkGeek are too embarassing to wear for those of us who already joined the 30+ club. ;)
      • We should do another t-shirt contest.

        FWIW I think that would be a great idea. Especially during these heady times of nostalgia;-)

        • It would be cool. And even if some designs didn't 'win' it'd be nice to see them over at thinkgeek. I wouldn't mind just a couple clean/simple options.
          • I agree. I have the "anonymous coward" shirt (I am a "nonymous" coward, thank you very much!) and the "soothing green light" shirt (very "busy"); new designs would be very nice.

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