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  • Did it live up to your expectations? :)
    • by nizo (81281) *
      It did mine, but then again my expectations were pretty darn low :-)

      I will admit the transforming scenes were absofuckinglutely awesome. Seriously.

      • by Talinom (243100) *
        A guy at work has some friends that work at ILM. They said it took about 37 hours PER FRAME to render that stuff. Read this article [popularmechanics.com] on Popular Mechanics website for the lowdown on how they made those transform scenes so damn amazing.
        • by andr0meda (167375)

          What did? I assume you mean "rendering", but is that layer-rendering or post-processing, or both? Usually, rendering fragments of frames is only a step in compositing the final image frame, and compositing is pretty damn hard to do right, too, and usually done "by hand" for batches of images. If it takes 37 hours per frame, compositing would have had to be done on preview stuff, otherwise I truly pity the guy that has been sticking the frames together.

          Haven't seen it. I am a fan of the original series, bu

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