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Journal tps12's Journal: Time For A Jourrrrnal 1

My website is down. Many apologies. Assuming there are no more Apache holes found in the next week or so, it should be up again soon, at a different address. It's also time for an influx of new content, though Christ only knows when I'll get around to making some. Maybe I can archive links to a few of my best Slashdot comments! Though I only kept a couple. So whatever.

Winter's coming...snow predicted for tonight, and the sky has already turn'd a threatening gray, the gray of wise men and forgotten dreams, the birds outside my window, her eyes...

The days are like dominoes or tequila shots. Set 'em up, knock 'em down, one after another, each easier then the last. If you play it right, you're drunk on life, your hard work pays off as the onlookers clap appreciatively. You fuck up and you puke all over your shoes and have to pick the fallen days up and eye the standing ones angrily, as your audience disperses in clouds of small talk.

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Time For A Jourrrrnal

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