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weierstrass's Journal: Has someone been messing with the 'tagging beta'?

Journal by weierstrass

Within the last few weeks, something has changed. Whereas tags like 'fud' 'notfud' and 'yes' or 'no' answers to rhetorical questions in the headlines used to dominate, they are rarely seen anymore. There are in general a lot fewer wisecrack tags. and every article has tags for its Section - eg 'business', and often several of the official slashdot sections if it could have belonged to several. It seems to me that very few people would have bothered to add these categorising tags, when you can already filter stories by section heading without a need for tags.
Did CmdrTaco et al implement tags then decide that Web 2.0 style 'folksonomy' was too risky, and skew the tag system heavily in favour of top-down editorial control? Did they blacklist certain tags to avoid the front page making slashdot look like a hangout for the childish, the cheeky, and those with a chip on their shoulder? It would be interesting to find out.

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Has someone been messing with the 'tagging beta'?

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