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The Closest Thing to Art on Slashdot

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  • that is beautiful!

    i'm scared to click on the link though.
    • Thank you!

      But click the link and watch the WHOLE THING, and don't turn your head or flinch while doing so! You will thank me for it when you end up in Iraq after getting drafted and see the full atrocities of war, as you will be desensitized to everything.

      If you know people who use active desktop at a LAN, copy an html file that has the mpg file embedded with a huge width and height to their shared docs folder, and set their active desktops to the goatse movie. Fun for everyone!
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  • I was wondering when Hollywood would make a goatse movie. Ebert & Roper call it the "feel good anus of the year." The Washington Post gives it two fists up!

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