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User Journal

blind biker's Journal: Cycling journal, 1st of April 2007

Journal by blind biker

Earlier today I did a couple of Km on my FG MTB. This time I went on a few hills, too, and it wasn't pretty. I decided FG is not for me.

So back home I swapped out the sprocket ("cog") and threaded on a 19-tooth freewheel. Tensioned the chain really well, in fact, too well...

Later in the afternoon, at 18:00, Pöllänen came to my place, I borrowed him my geared MTB, and off we went - and my single-speed MTB felt wonderful! One of the most enjoyable rides of my life.

We first went to Kartanonkaari and Malminkartanontie, so he could learn how to get to my place. Then we went for a ride to the river Vantaa. All in all, 20 pleasant kilometers of fun.

All without a cyclecomp, by the way.
2nd of April.
With my red SS: Went to Deesport to order the rims (one for me, one for Pöllänen) and a set of spokes for such rim and Pöllänen's Shimano Nexus 7 hub. Should be here tomorrow.

On my way, I fell while trying to avoid colliding with a woman waiting at the bus stop (near the crossing of Kaupintie and Näyttelijäntie (the stop is immediately as you turn right into Näyttelijäntie). Well, I wouldn't have collided with her anyway, I just wanted to be a gentleman. Serves me well. Got a blow to the right calf, which 2 hours later started to hurt like hell and caused problems while pedaling.

After Deesport I returned home to check the number of holes in my Grimeca 7-speed freehub hub, called Lauri and so the 2nd rim could be ordered. Then I went to Nokia (valimo 9) to print out my resumes. Then I returned home, with an aching calf.
About 18 Km in tot.

Now it's doing much better, I'll try to go to Sello.
I didn't go to Sello because the way to Leppävaara ismore than half on the road, where I would have needed a rear and front light at this time of the day.
So I went around the park instead - found a way from PC Superstore to the park.
Did about 5 Km.
3rd of April: at 12:00 left for Alppikatu, and apparently, got there in less than 45 min. Then on my way back home I passed by deesport. So that was about 22-24 Km, I think. With my red SS. Calf hurt a bit but it's ok. Strong wind while coming home.
Went to deesport and back (carrying 700c rim, Nexus inter-7 hub and 36 spokes), 5-6 Km in strong wind. Tired.
To the B-keskus and back - that's about 17.5 Km. Red SS.
4th of April: went to Deesport (bought spokes), then to ABB in Pitäjänmäki, then to Prisma and back home. About 11-12 Km. RSS
To the B-keskus and back (delivered mike for mea) 17.5 Km, RSS. I twas very windy!!
5th of April: Around noon or maybe a bit later, went downtown, first to the ompelukone shop in Mannerheimintie 49, bought sewing machine oil. Then continued to kamppi to buy presents in the finnish made shop. Then back to urheilukatu and then to etelä esplanadi 22 A (Skandia).
Then back home. VERY WINDY! I had the helmet with large visor on, thinking it would rain - made cycling in the wind harder. Probably about 26-28 Km tot. Citybike.
6th of April: in the morning, went to Martinlaakso to see Helena Kekkonen - got a bit lost, so the whole roundtrip was about 11-12 Km.
Went to Slaven's, I think it's 18-20 Km roundtrip. RSS.
Around 19:30 left for Gustavo's in Oulunkylä. I enjoyed this ride a lot, especially in return. About 16 Km, RSS. Oh yeah, fell as I was leaving Gustavo's place, too slow while turning.
7th of April:
Did 8 Km total to Poutamäentie 5 and back. RSS.
17th of April:
Back from Croatia. Morning: went to Poutamäentie 5 (4 Km), then to Itämerenkatu 21 (8.3 Km), then to Deesport (Pastori Jussilaisen tie 1, 8.4 Km), then Prisma (1.6 Km) and then back home (2.2 Km). About 25 Km.
Late afternoon went to Prisma and back to buy BMX pot. That's 2.3*2=4.5 Km. RSS.
18th of April:
To work and back, about 9 Km. Then, in the afternoon, went for a ridea round the park, found a way to PC Superstore etc. Biked for about 70 minutes, so perhaps it was about 13-15 Km total. RSS.
19th of April:
Home-Work 4.5, Work-KRauta 9, KRauta-Home 7.5, for a total of about 21 Km. From KRauta to home it was raining, it was windy and cold. And I got sandy water on my back. RSS.
20th of April, Friday: if I recall correctly, I went to work, then to Deesport and then home. Raining. City-bike.
21st of April: rainy but the afternoon was OK. Went to the Rizvan party. 15 Km City.
22nd of April: nice, sunny Sunday: went to see Anto Sikanen, blind guy who wanted to go on a tandem. Koskelantie 23 B. Then went around Kapyla and Pasila, found my way to Ratamestarinkatu 13 A where a blind couple lives. Then went to Radiokatu, and then home. Maybe about 25 to 30 km. Then in the afternoon I went around Myyrmäki and Malminkartano. Quite a long but relaxed ride. 15-20 Km. RSS.
23rd of April: Bit rainy. Went to work, from there to Bulevardi 22 A in the afternoon (Muistikeskus). Moderately rainy, but I survived. Later, around 19:00 went back home (12 Km). About 24-25 Km. City.
24th of April: To work and to home, and from there to Raivosuonmäki 4 (5 Km) on a new path, through Myyrmäki. Met Helena at the entrance. Then back home. Then later, a long bikeride around the park in Malminkartano. Probably 10-15 Km. About 30-35 Km, RSS.
25th of April: To work, from work to Lauri ( Pastori Jussilaisen tie 1, 2 Km) - met some girl on the bike whom I asked "missä kypärä"), then home (4 Km). Did a bit of riding in the park and Myyrmäki, about 8 Km in late afternon. About 18-20 Km. RSS.
26th of April:
To work and back home.
27th of April:
To work, afternoon to home and then to Myyrmäki (suomenpolkupyörätukku), and then immediately to K-Rauta. And back home. About 30 Km on RSS. In the afternoon it was windy.
28th of April, Saturday:
Went to Ratamestarinkatu 13 A. I always take the "long" way, Pasilankatu, crossing pasilansilta, up on Ratapihantie etc. Then went towards the center but returned back home at Ooppera. About 22 Km. In the afternoon I tried to go to the convention in Espoo, Flinnsinkatu/Flinnsinmäki/WTF the convention was at.
It would have been a long ride on Turuntie. I returned back halfways (after Rastaalantie), it was windy on the way back. About 18 Km.
So, about 40 Km, RSS.
29th of April.
Went to Pasila, Radiokatu, and back home. Some 16 Km. City.
30th of April:
Went to Kilo (Pöllänen) during the afternoon, and then, during the night, came back home. It was a glorious ride: no wind, not too hot, a bit dark but at least no sun in the eyes, and noone on the roads. Memorable. About 17 Km RSS

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Cycling journal, 1st of April 2007

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