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The Internet

markfranks101's Journal: 10 Reasons Why Your Website Will Never Make A Dime If you've picked up any business magazines within the last year, you've undoubtedly heard the rumors that everyone is getting rich online. Yet, somehow even after you worked so hard to scrape together a website and found some fabulous widget to sell your online venture has yielded little to no money, Why? eBizMBA surveyed over 250 webmasters with sites ranked in the Alexa top 10,000 to dispel many of the myths of making money online, below you'll find the sobering results of that survey. 10. MYTH: Adsense click-through rates between 1 to 4% are well within the reach of most online publishers. REALITY: The average CTR for Adsense publishers with less than 250,000 unique monthly visitors is .20% and the average ad pays out only 50 cents per click. More...
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10 Reasons Why Your Website Will Never Make A Dime

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