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User Journal

blind biker's Journal: Cycling journal

Journal by blind biker

Sat. 31.03.07 With the citybike; had a nice ride to Leppävaara, finally deciphred how to continue on Turuntie (but there must be a shorter way). Met with Antti, fixed up his spokes a bit, gave him advise re. his rear wheel with Nexus 7, cycled towards his home. Had a look around Kilo. Rather nice, cyclist-friendly area.

All in all, about 20-22 Km, but no exact figure as the cyclecomp acted up again (measures double the speed), cause still unknown. It seems to do this as the temperature rises above 10-12 C.

At home I found out that the MTB cyclecomp was dead - battery exhausted. I think it showed about 2650 Km.

And just to be on the safe side with the citybike's, it shows ODO 2849 Km, TTM 171:06.

Judging from the LCD, the FG cyclecomp's battery is in excellent order. I do hardly any FG biking; ODO is puny 116 Km, TTM 6:17. I did a few hundred more on this bike before I got the cyclecomp, though.

Not bad for 10.5 months of cycling (almost half of them winter).

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