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User Journal

_xeno_'s Journal: Mac and PC: Mac gets upgraded to Leopard 4

Journal by _xeno_

Mac: I'm a Mac.

PC: And I'm a PC.

Pull out to reveal tubes hooked up to Mac's head.

PC: You OK, Mac? What's with the tubing?

Mac: Oh, it's nothing, just getting read to upgrade to Leopard. Backing up the files in case something goes wrong, standard stuff, really. Unlike your upgrade to Vista, I don't have to worry about going under the knife like you did.

PC: [skeptically] Really?

Dinging sound.

Mac: Oh, hey, sounds like I'm ready to be upgraded.

Mac walks out of the scene. After a pause, a loud shotgun blast is heard. A New Mac walks into the scene, in the process of putting on Mac's clothing, which has been splattered with blood.

New Mac: Hi, I'm a Mac!

PC: And I'm a PC. Uh, what just happened over there?

New Mac: Oh, nothing much. Unlike PCs, it's easier to just replace a Mac when moving to a new system.

PC slowly backs away from New Mac.

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Mac and PC: Mac gets upgraded to Leopard

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  • Brilliant!

    That's a spoof I'd like to see a video made from. :)
  • Just out of idle curiosity... did you think this up yourself, or is it transliterated from another source?

    If yourself, super cool!

    If somebody else's... whose?
    • by _xeno_ (155264)

      Something I came up with on my own. It's basically a script for a cartoon I've yet to actually draw, redone in a more TV-oriented way.

      • by Randolpho (628485)
        The reason I asked is that I've been considering filming this amateur-style and posting it on youtube. Maybe even a series of anti-mac mac ads along the same theme. Perhaps the Mac's built-in camera breaks, and he goes off-camera for a shotgun blast. Or he gets one of those mac viruses and goes off-camera for a shotgun blast.

        Of course, I lack the requisite components, so this is just a pipe dream, but it *would* be fun to do, if I could.

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