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User Journal

GMontag's Journal: Santa Monica Apeshit over Swimsuits 3

Journal by GMontag

Coastal brain poisoning is suspected as the cause for the city of Santa Monica's banning of lovely images of hot chicks on busses.

Check the link for Amy's take. Mine is reposted below.

Mmmmmmmmmmm such a nice image to see when getting read for work. You are the sweetest advice chick on earth!

Oh, there are words up there too. Hold on.

MY GAWD! This seems to be a case of coastal brain poisoning!

Aren't ugly people almost guaranteed the "right" to be naked in CA? Now hot people can't be shown at all?

Same thing with religious items, they can only be displayed if covered in fecies or urine, apparently.

How about that smoking business? You can smoke whatever you like in any public place EXCEPT tobacco.

Amy, you live in a strange place.

Sorry for the typos. I can't tell if it is this kb or if these 'blogs miss characters a lot. Proper proof reading on my part would solve it either way.

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Santa Monica Apeshit over Swimsuits

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