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Alien54's Journal: Charging $419 Dollars To Replace A Hard Drive 1 1

A sad tale in which Geek Squad charged $419 to replace a harddrive, and also made the customer retrieve his own data.

Disappointed that I had lost all of my data files, I started talking to other computer persons about this problem. I took the "un-working" hard drive to a friend at work. We installed the "un-working" hard drive into another working laptop computer. In about 15 minutes, he told me that the OS Windows system was corrupted BUT the hard drive was fine and the data could be recovered. [...] We hooked the "un-working" hard drive to a computer with a LINIX system. Guess What !!! All the data on our "un-working" hard drive was recovered in about 20 minutes.

No refund, of course

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Charging $419 Dollars To Replace A Hard Drive

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  • I've heard the Geek Squad used to be good, before they were bought out. Me, I still miss the little overclocker's shop that was right around the corner from where I lived in Honolulu. Man, they knew everything about hardware, and if they didn't have it they would get it for you. If it was interesting, one or two for themselves, too.

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