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ph4cr's Journal: Concurrently Running Firewalls 2

Journal by ph4cr
I'm the Security Manager for one element of a multi faceted organization. That said, some of the dimmer lights around the table want to run both Windows firewall (XP) and another third party vendor's solution at the same time. I've come out against this as I think it's stupid and potentially problematic. I've had both yes and no responses from MS on this issue. Can the Slashdot user community provide reasons pro/con for this solution?
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Concurrently Running Firewalls

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  • The windows XP firewall is only half a firewall, it only protects against incoming traffic (ie a trojan/virus/malware will easily "phone home" whenever it wants to), whereas any other firewall works both ways. To use both would be like using a bicycle and a car to get to work: It's an interesting idea, and it will work, but you're still wasting your time.

    Hope that helps.
    • by ph4cr (775696)
      Thanks for your post! I wish they'd through this out on the main page though. I'd like to collect the replies, review them, print them, wrap them up in a roll bound with elastics and then use that to beat the clueless vassals responsible for what passes as rational conclusions. Anyway, if you have any influence with respect to elevating this to the sacred main page I would be grateful. ph4cr

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