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janeowit's Journal: Franken for Senate 5

Journal by janeowit

It's still not definite, but it's getting closer to actually being official. First Al Franken decided to leave Air America (his last day, Feb. 14) and said he was contacting Minnesota lawmakers about the feasibility of a possible run for the Senate. Now a "a senior Democratic official from Minnesota" says he has made his decision and is going to run! I'm going to take it as fact because I've been ready to jump on this bandwagon since he first mentioned it two years ago. Who needs experience when you're funny?

P.S. Speaking of Als, I sure hope Gore gets that Nobel prize.

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Franken for Senate

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  • I wondered why nobody had mentioned the Nobel Prize thing yet. Truly awesome. Al's going all Jimmy Carter.

    And other Al, too. He's cool and funny and stuff. Plus, if he could get rid of that Norm infestation, that would rock.
  • I wouldn't elect Franken dog-catcher. Or any other public office. And before the left jumps down my throat, I would vote for Rush or Bill for dog-catcher either.
  • by Abm0raz (668337) *
    About the only thing worse I can think of than having Al Franken in government is for George W to somehow be re-elected a third time.


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