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ncc74656's Journal: Worst. President. with Holocaust Denial! 2

Journal by ncc74656
Looks like the peanut farmer has taken up Holocaust denial as a hobby:

Jimmy Carter Speaks on WWII & the "So-Called" Holocaust (Video)

On Sunday in a Town Hall Meeting that aired on C-SPAN, Jimmy Carter joined Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in defining the horror of World War II as the...

"So-called" Holocaust!

Such wonderful company he keeps, too.

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Worst. President. with Holocaust Denial!

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  • Not an unreasonable answer to a kids question from an "elder statesman".

    From my listen, he used the term "so called" to indicate "that thing that is referred to as", not as in "the alleged". Before the phrase, he sets it up as "Then he [Hitler] perpetrated one of the worst crimes that has ever been seen in world history" (paraphrase). After the phrase, He goes on to state that Hitler tried to eliminate the jews.

    Giving the Devil (that being Carter) his due, I don't think this is a case of holocaust denial. M
  • by HBI (604924)
    The guy is leftist totalitarian-loving swine, but this is senility rather than evil intent.

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