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turgid's Journal: Christmas Music 1

Journal by turgid

Last time we went to the Turgid parents' to visit, I recovered my old violin, which I have not played much since I was 16 years old. I was never very good. I only made it to Grade 5, and it was like cats being strangled.

Mrs. Turgid, blinded by love, enjoys hearing my feeble attempts at scratching out a tune. She comes from the Methodist tradition (sing loudly and in tune), whereas I am a joyless, puritanical Scottish athiest.

As I age and my brain grows feeble, I am tempted to play Chirstmas carols. I was reading Wikipedia today whilest attempting to get inebriated on Guinness and found a link to where there is free-as-in-beer (and possibly speech) sheet Christmas carol music for most instruments.

I've downloaded a few and printed them. When the proper carols from Kings College on TV are finished, and when Mrs Turgid has had another glass of wine, I will attempt to seranade her.

Those of you who know music theory, what's will all the flats *barf* in the key signatures? We're talking F-major, B-flat-major, and E-flat major and related minors. Is it for playing along with brass and woodwind? Or it is just to annoy string players?

Why can't they make proper brass and woodwind instruments? It would save a lot of trouble.

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Christmas Music

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