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Triumph The Insult C's Journal: new marine 5

Journal by Triumph The Insult C
graduated today. mom, dad, and roommates drove over from AZ. it was nice. stopped at in-n-out for lunch, awesome

i was originally supposed to graduate 11/17. but, i cracked some ribs and got held back 2 weeks. oh well. now, i don't report to pendleton until 1/2 ... 30 days leave. nice, eh? then, off to dli ...
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new marine

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  • I had no idea. I'm not going to oohra you or any of that shit because I have no right to.

    I went through one swear in in the Army. I was that close. It's a long complicated story why I didn't join but it's a large regret.

    Be great. Be safe. Try not to have to kill anything. Be the soccerball Marine, not the water bottle Marine. Be safe.
  • good job... that's quite an accomplishment. assigned to pendleton eh? well, there are much worse places to spend some time. having driven through the area a few times, its absolutely beautiful. the most amazing beaches i've ever seen.

    well, good luck, god speed and like lou said, stay safe :)
  • I sincerely hope that we do not betray you by squandering your life without good reason.
  • Go to http://www.usna.edu/Admissions/steps.htm [usna.edu] and click "Active duty service applicants".
    Consider applying. Once you meet the active duty requirements, assuming you don't have any other stoppers (e.g. a wife) your odds, while not 100%, are extremely good. Failing that, consider other commissioning programs.
    No shame whatsoever in the enlisted route (served a couple of years as an enlisted squid, myself), but I need more challenge than that.
    In any case, welcome aboard.

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