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TPFH's Journal: Help mounting new ipod in Linux

Journal by TPFH

Got a new 80gig video ipod.

Maybe it is about time for me to get a new computer but I am dual booting between Win98 and Mandrake 10.2.

Looking at /boot I see vmlinuz-2.6.11-6mdk so I guess that is the kernel I am using.

I do have a firewire card, but the ipod came with a USB cable. When I connect it the ipod displays a message saying "do not disconnect." However, I do not receive any messages about mounting a new drive or device. I tried going to Mount Points in the Control Center, but it does not detect any new drives. Tried looking at /proc/scsi/scsi but it does not show any apple devices.

And I installed and tried running gtkpod, but I don't believe that will work unless I have already mounted the ipod.

Any advice on mounting? Would it help if I went out and got a firewire cable?
I would prefer to do stuff in Linux, but if anyone knows where I can get a Win98 driver without shelling out any money that might be an OK workaround.

And maybe I need to upgrade my distro or something.
Possibly I could get cheap computer with newer hardware at Free Geek. I've never inquired how much they sell their boxes for.


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Help mounting new ipod in Linux

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