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  • You are getting old and did it ever taste as good as you thought? ;^)
  • arbor mist? (Score:3, Funny)

    by nizo (81281) * on Tuesday November 28, 2006 @12:11AM (#17011758) Homepage Journal
    Isn't that a perfume? Well at least your breath will smell nice if it is :-D
  • Arbor Mist always tastes better when mixed with cherry 7-up or game cube.

    • That's what I'm missing. It always tasted best with Wobbly Bobbly.
    • Do you drink it out of the game cube? :-)

      I'm guessing your Arbor Mist days were when you were poor and wanted to get drunk, but didn't want to be seen buying Mad Dog 20/20? :-)

      • No! I really like(d) the Peach Chardonnay! Of course, janeowit always brought the 7-Up as a flavor enhancer. Boones goes with 7-up, as well.
        • I like the Yellowtail wines when I want something cheap. They were a relatively unknown treasure in TN. Only a few places carried them and they were CHEAP! Now they've gotten more popular and they are advertising EVERYWHERE in ATL. Of course, they raised the prices a little to cover the advertising expense, but they are still good cheap wines. Especially the Shiraz.
          • I don't'd take an awful lot of 7-Up to make it not taste like Shiraz. ;^)
            • by janeowit (909913) *
              I've never tried it, but unlike the the "good" wines, I am guessing the glass will be less than 50% wine. And people don't seem to like me ruining actual wine by adding 7-up.

              The great thing about adding 7-up to wine, other than making it less alcoholic, is that it becomes sparkling wine!
            • Blasphemy! What's wrong with Shiraz?

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