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User Journal

vidarh's Journal: Random thoughts

Journal by vidarh
Nooo! More stuff about pseudo random numbers and computer games! Stop it. Stop it I tell you!

Ok, so maybe I'll take a break from it for now, and try not to be a total geek today...

It's hard when you do software development for a living, and stick with it's because you think it's almost more fun than the stuff you do in your spare time :-)

I DO actually have other interests as well. Maybe I'll post some of my poems one of these days (allthough then I'll probably scare the few of you actually reading this away with overly soppy and/or depressive stuff - I rarely write when I'm not in the process of falling in love with someone or insanely depressed, usually because of rejection(1)).

London can be such a depressing city. It's been raining on again off again all day, the traffic is horrible, the air disgusting... Been thinking off moving out of the city for a while, but will probably wait until next May when our lease expires.

Property prices here are just horrible now. I'm used to Norwegian levels, and thought that was ridiculous, but come on, 200.000 pounds is now the average cost of flats and houses sold in London...

It never seizes to amaze me how far up the prices can go here withouth a significant increase in building projects (except for Docklands, which seems to be mostly luxury complexes anyway, due to its proximity to the City).

Ah well, guess we'll get something slightly outside town.


(1) But don't feel sorry for me about the rejection bit, I'm engaged to a woman I met more than two years ago, so feel sorry about my lost career as a poet instead, as I'm now too happy about things to write anything truly good - my depressive poems were always my best ;)

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Random thoughts

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