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Let the games begin - Epilogue

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  • Nice photos, she's a sweet baby indeed! :) Go ahead, take LOTS of pictures, you'll be glad afterwards. Those dwarves change SO much in the first days.
  • Here []'s Kevin's hospital photo

    Here []'s the first photo at home. I can hardly tell they're the same baby.

    She's gorgeous, BTW. :)

    • by FirstNoel (113932)
      The discharge nurse was a pain compared to all the other nurses that we had during the stay. I knew her from grade school, she hadn't changed at all.

      So the hospital photo felt rushed, I think she just wanted to get rid of us.

      Kevin sure had a lot hair, wow! I was just happy that Maddy had any at all, I'm kind of lacking in that department.

      • by elmegil (12001) *
        Heh, yeah everyone commented on his hair. We had a big fight about the photo; we didn't think we needed one, but at the very last minute they were telling us that we couldn't check out without one. So we demanded they get it done now then, dammit because they never came back before when they said they would. That probably helped contribute to his appearance of total bewilderment (aside from being a newborn ;) ).
  • by FortKnox (169099) *
    Love the journal entry subject. Best of luck on daddyhood :)

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