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Really low blow / bad jokes

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  • this is an attempt by Karl Rove to make the Republican Party seem more tolerant and open-minded ahead of the elections.

    Damn him and his schemes! He's locking up the NAMBLA vote!



    • Pedophile Activism [] was very real in the Netherlands not too long ago...
    • What does the National Association of Marlen Brando Look A-likes have to do with this?
      • In Rovian plots, everything has something to do with everything! Be on guard!



        • If that's the case, then YOU have something to do with it. How can I trust you now? How can I trust your ICONS! I must get rid of the Zaurus! Wait, now I'm freaking out. The Ethelrists have already won.

          This post brought to you by the letters A, D, and D. (As in attention deficit disorder, not Advanced D&D you friggin' geeks!)

  • why Foley was working pro bono (pro-boner?) as Santa at Arundel Mills mall. I always thought it was suspicious: why do we need a Santa in July?
  • The kid's plaster cast fetish.

    Okay. I'll stop talking about it now.
    • by nizo (81281) *
      Wow thanks for getting me curious enough to go read part of the actual chat; I think I am going to go wash my brain out with soap now.
      • Oh, I know. I used an entire bottle of specially formulated Brain Scrub, and it's still not coming out.
  • Why don’t Republican Congresscritters use bookmarks?

    They don’t need to; they just bend the page over.

Live free or die.